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“We wanted a builder that would be: up front with us; communicate with us both good and bad without hesitation, who would shepherd our funds just as if they were his own...Terry Neiman was all of this and more.”

Nicholas J., Homeowner


   We have had the opportunity to see and tour some of the homes that Neiman Homes has built these last few years. We have been very impressed with the quality and apparent energy efficiency of these homes. So, when we decided to build our dream home in the late 2013, Terry was the only builder that we considered. We have always thought him to be a man of great character and integrity. Since we have had such poor energy efficient homes in the past, we knew that this was an important aspect of our new home. We were confident that Terry had the knowledge and experience we were looking for.
   Terry and Deborah were eager to build us a home that would meet our expectations. They offered useful advice to guide us in the many decisions we had to make during the building process particularly in how they would affect the overall cost.
   When we started this process, we had hoped to build an ICF home, but since construction costs have risen significantly in the Austin area in the last year, Terry steered us toward the sealed envelope home. We have been very happy with this decision.
   When we broke ground on our home in Jan. 2014, we were impressed how well Terry had been able to stick to the schedule and was able to finish our home by Oct. 2014. We have been pleased with the work of the subcontractors that Terry chose to build our home. Our subdivision neighbors commented to us on how clean Terry was able to keep the construction site during the process. We have had many compliments from neighbors about the overall design and construction materials that we used in building our home.
   As of this writing, we have been in our new home for almost two months. While we have gone from a 3800 sq. ft. two-story home to a 3300 sq. ft. single-story, so far our electric bills are less than half the cost we averaged at our last home and we love the uniform temperature feel throughout our sealed envelope home. We’ll update these energy bills in the future.
   Overall, we love our new home and would highly recommend Neiman Homes.

- Rick & Judy L.

    When we decided to build our "forever" home, we knew we wanted to build an insulated concrete form (ICF) house and required a builder who specialized in energy efficient homes. Fortunately we found Neiman-Foster Homes.
   From the first meeting, it was evident that Terry was a man of character and integrity. There are many builders who can construct a house but Terry and Deborah Neiman build homes.
   Terry takes personal pride in each step of the building process. He pays attention to all of the small details that are critical to making the home maintenance free and energy efficient for many years to come. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and offered insightful suggestions which helped us realize our vision of our dream home. His network of trade people brought the same sense of workmanship and pride to their finished product.
   After living in our home for six months, there is little we would change. The house stays cool and comfortable even during the hottest days. The ICF walls and energy efficient windows insulate us not only from the Texas heat and dust but also from outside noises. In fact, shortly after we moved in, the neighbors directly across the street from us called the fire department and we were the only ones in the neighborhood who did not hear the fire truck sirens!
   At the end of the day, if we were to start the process over again, we wouldn't hesitate to choose Neiman-Foster Homes to build our "forever home".

- Brad and JoAnne 
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   Prior to building our house we were often told that it would be the most difficult process we would ever endure. We had the benefit of time on our side and used that time to decide exactly what we wanted in our last house, and the character of the builder we wanted to build our house. I say character because it is the single most important quality that leads to a well built house.

   We wanted a builder that would be: up front with us; communicate with us both good and bad without hesitation, who would shepherd our funds just as if they were his own, whose reputation was built on his character as well as the quality of his work, whose background was in energy efficient home construction (ICF and envelope sealed) who stood by his work not just up to the point of handing us the keys to the house, but beyond-that little extra that is so rare in today’s environment, and was a man of his word. Terry Neiman was all of this and more.

   Our relationship was that of a team, and the process was actually one of satisfaction with the result being a house that we are so proud of owning that we placed his name and that of the architect on the side of the house in a bronze plaque. Frankly, they just do not come any better than Terry and his lovely wife Deborah who as a team gave us the house of our dreams. If you are looking for a builder spend some time with Terry-you won’t regret it and I am confident you’ll select him for the same reasons we did!

- Nicholas J.

   It has been nearly one year since we moved into our lovely Neiman Home. Coming from out of state, we did not know what the housing market would be like here. We searched the internet for months and in one long weekend trip, we visited 28 houses and were losing hope that we would find the perfect home and figured we would have to settle. On the last day, our Realtor brought us to this house.
   We could not be happier! The layout and design of our home is truly fabulous. It is evident that you built this one-of-a-kind home specifically for this lot. We love the open floor plan and all of the natural light that shines through all of these beautiful windows. Friends even remark about all of the extra details that you selected to make our home truly special. In finding you, we’ve found custom home builders who felt as strongly about quality as we do.
   You created our 5-star certified energy efficient “green” home using sealed envelope construction, energy efficient window, cooling system, on-demand hot water heaters, and more. These are features that are very important to us. We felt we have a responsibility to do what we can to protect the environment and be more energy conscious. When we closed on our home in mid-summer, it was the beginning of a stretch of 60 days where the temperature reaching triple digits every day. This past winter was the most extreme Central Texas has seen in 10 years. From the first month and every month since, whenever we get our wonderfully low energy bills, we always laugh and say, "Thank you Deborah and Terry!"
   It is evident in every square inch of this home, the amount of care and pride you put into your homes. You build each home as if you were building it for yourselves. Your attention to detail and to quality is to be commended. Equally as impressive is that your commitment to your customers does not end at the closing table. You are always so responsive when we call with questions or ask for recommendations for contractors to do additional work. We are grateful that we are able to maintain an ongoing relationship with you both. That says so much in itself. You are proud of the homes you build and have every right to be! You can hold your head up high knowing that you ore builders of the highest quality. (We’ve never had any kind of relationship with our previous custom home builders!)
   For all of these reason and so many more, we feel truly blessed to have purchased a Neiman Home. We recommend you, without hesitation, to all of our friends, Although we hope this will be our “forever” home, if we ever build another home in Central Texas, we will be building it with Deborah and Terry Neiman. We can’t thank you enough for building the home that we love to come home to!

- Dave and Nada B.
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   Working with Terry & Deborah was a wonderful experience. We had heard horror stories from other people who had built homes and we did not experience one bad thing. Terry allowed us to truly build a very customized home and I never heard “no, we can’t do that.” I was able to communicate with Terry easily and he was very responsive to every phone call and email I made (and there were lots of them). Terry provided a budget for the project and if I had extra money from one area, he told me and I was able to use it in an area I went over. I was consulted on everything from the placement on the house on the lot to the trim work inside the closets. I was kept abreast of all potential overages on the budget and had to approve each change before execution.
   I had never heard of ICF before Terry, but I am so glad he told me about and we decided the additional cost was well worth it. Our home is warm with no drafts. The Styrofoam blocks are unique and draw a lot of attention from the neighbors, a perfect opportunity to meet them. The walls went up fast; we went from a slab to a house in 2 days. The sealed envelope of the roof is wonderful; I now have climate controlled storage in the attic.
   The best part of ICF is the safety and security I feel in my own home. The house is virtually bullet proof and I believe would easily withstand a vehicle driving into my walls. I feel safe, the only areas of weakness are the windows and they have alarm sensors. I have two great interior safe rooms in case of a tornado and the roof is tied down to withstand the high winds.
   I was provided the opportunity to select my appliances and light fixtures from anywhere which was wonderful. Debbie was great in helping to walk me thru all of my selections and made me feel comfortable. Ultimately, we had a wonderful experience while building a truly customized home. We would not change a thing. I recommend Terry and Deborah to all my friends thinking about building a home.

- Angie B.
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