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Our Building Process

How we work together to create your dream home.

Whether you have a specific vision in mind, or need guidance determining the best options for your home, Neiman-Foster Homes and Construction is here to help! We believe that every home we build is a reflection of our integrity, commitment to excellence, and dedication to our client's satisfaction.

We stand behind the quality of our work.

Building Efficiently

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Benefits of Building ICF

Superior Energy Efficiency – By keeping the cold or hot outside air from coming in, and keeping your air conditioned or heated air from going out. Your air conditioner and heater won’t have to run as much so your inside temperature will be optimal. This results in typical energy savings of about 50-80% depending on your doors, windows and roofing.


Extreme Weather Resistant – ICF wall systems are rated to withstand extreme weather conditions, including tornadoes and hurricanes. They can endure winds in excess of 140 miles per hour, and are also rated safe for earthquake zones.


Durability – Settlement and cracking are not a problem for ICF homes.

Noise Reduction – Outside noises are decreased by over half because of the insulated wall thickness.


Even Temperature Distribution – ICF wall systems have an even temperature distribution throughout the house from floor to ceiling. There is less than two degrees Fahrenheit variation in an ICF home, compared to conventional homes that vary anywhere from five to ten degrees Fahrenheit. You just get a more comfortable feeling with the even distribution.


Allergen/Dust Reduction – ICF systems prevent draft and air infiltration, so they prevent airborne contaminants. This is great because it is an allergen as well as dust remover.

Sealed Envelope Concept

   These homes are called Sealed Envelope Homes or Sprayed Foam Insulation Homes because they have sprayed foam insulation between studs on outside walls to seal in cracks that otherwise may occur using batting. Also, the deck of the roof is foam blown giving you more conditioned space in the attic, thus providing the home with higher energy efficiency than traditional batt insulation.

  These homes are treated the same as ICF homes, but are less expensive. Even though they do not have all the benefits that an ICF home does, the insulation factor greatly reduces your air conditioning and heating energy consumption, and there is a more overall comfort throughout the house than a batt insulation home.

   These homes are energy star rated, and are only a step down from the ICF rated homes. Call us to discuss the benefits of either ICF homes or Sealed Envelope Homes.

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Our Service Area

Unsure where to build? Take a look at some of our favorite Hill Country areas. 

   While we might be biased, we believe the Texas Hill Country is one of the best places to live in our wonderful state. From the rolling hills and scenic sunsets, to the various Lakes, rivers, and springs, the Hill Country has something to offer for everyone from young families, to retirees. Are you ready to experience everything the Hill Country has to offer? 

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